Friday, October 10, 2014

Jax, Jax, Jax...

Unedited Excerpt...For Mature Audiences Only

“I knew you’d be fierce,” he rasped as he swept his hand up and down her back, stopping just short of the curve of her behind. Mercy, it felt so good.

Jax slanted his mouth over hers and claimed her tongue like a hungry shark at feeding time. Damn, he was potent. At some point she latched her hands onto his shoulders before weaving her fingers through his thick, dark hair. It was so short it didn’t even cover her digits, but touching the silky stands was a sensual act in itself. Every atom of her femininity demanded she get next to this man, this stranger who seemed to have some magnetic pull over her. She didn’t have a choice. Of their own accord, her stiletto-encased feet carried her toward him.

“More. I need more,” he said in a husky command.

A breathy moan left her lips when he licked the artery pulsing wildly just below her ear, following it down her neck to her shoulder blade. At the same time, his large palms cupped both her butt cheeks and pulled her flush against his hard length. Oh, the heat. The fire he generated over her entire body was so intense the emerald green gown she wore mimicked the texture of rope fiber instead of fine silk. He pushed the bodice aside to expose her hard-tipped breast to the cool night air. The relief was immediate. The flames returned ten-fold though when he latched his lips onto her puckered nipple and sucked.

“Oh, God,” she choked out. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed her chest forward until his mouth widened over her entire sensitive mound. Not a single thought was given to the possibility that someone could happen upon them in such an intimate embrace. With every deep pull of his mouth, a corresponding blast of pleasure worked through her core, making her throb. When he ground his hard length against her center, moisture saturated her miniscule panties.

“I knew you’d feel amazing,” he moaned between licks and soft bites against her rigid crest. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Mila’s eyes popped open and she pushed against Jax’s shoulders with both hands.

“Get out of here? And go where?” Her breath came in spurts and her head was packed with cotton but she wasn’t so far gone she didn’t have any common sense.

Jax frowned as he looked down at her. His mouth was so plump and sexy after their kiss she longed to feel it again, but now wasn’t the time.

“My place, yours, a hotel, I don’t care. Anywhere we can finish this.”

Mila stepped out of his arms and propped her hands on her hips. “Let me get this straight. You actually think I’m giving you some pussy tonight and I just met you all of three seconds ago?”


  1. When, when, when??!!
    Cant wait

  2. when will your next book be out ?????????????

    1. Hi Karen, I'm working so hard to wrap up Jax & Mila's tale-the extended version. Their story went from 22,000 words to around 60,000. The more I wrote, the closer I grew to them, and their story grew more in-depth and complex than I'd anticipated. I'm also working on two more projects simultaneously, and my goal is not to disappoint with either. Please hang tight with me because I look forward to sharing all my goodies ASAP!