Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From the Cutting Room Floor 4

Proceed With Caution, For Mature Readers Only!

God, I must look a hot mess, Lacey croaked, reaching up to smooth her wild mane of  hair. If they kept this up, Rye would have to get better acquainted with her wrapping scarf that she could not do without.

You look beautiful, Rye mumbled, nipping softly at the curve of her shoulder as he worked his hand between her thighs.

Umm, you do this every time. You know I have to go, she protested even as she wiggled her bottom against his growing erection. Since you kidnapped me last night youve got to take me to my house so I can change clothes and get my car.

Ill tell you a secret, Rye rasped as he lightly pulled her taut nipple. Your overnight bag is in the bathroom closet along with your magic little hair iron and a change of clothes, so we don't have to go by your house. I can take you straight to the reception hall and that means more time forthis.

You packed a bag for me? How? When?" she asked, shocked by his thoughtfulness. And his sneakiness.

"Yesterday when I was running errands.

"Thats so sweet, but did you get a uniform? Ill never hear the end of it if the boss isnt dressed properly.

Rye quickly shifted their positions until he lay on top of her, balancing himself between thighs. Her legs automatically bent at the knees to cradle his lean hips. With one hand, he reached for her phone and sent a quick text to Monica requesting that she bring Lacey's uniform, which consisted of her standard wheat slacks and white blouse. Within seconds Monica replied that she would.

Problem solved, he said, grinning. Lacey just smiled and shook her head at Ryes tenacity. The man was crafty when he wanted his way, or when he wanted her. Already wet, she looped her arms around his neck, wrapped her legs around his waist and crossed them at the ankles, entrapping him. He gave a wolfish grin before grabbing a condom. The laughter stopped when he caught and held her gaze, and without further warning plunged his hard shaft into her moist tunnel, causing her breath to exhale rapidly from her softly parted lips.

Never taking his eyes from her Rye worked his hardness inside her pausing when he could go no further. It was so good that Lacey closed her eyes to absorb the erotic sensations working through her entire being.

No. Open your eyes, Rye commanded, his breath coming in fast, raspy huffs. Look at me taking you, you taking me.

Instead of plunging hard and fast, Rye twisted his hips in rigidly controlled thrusts, barely moving at all. Slow and deep.

God Lacey you are melting me. Youre making me feel so good that I want to come right this second. He continued his shallow strokes. They became quicker and deeper, but he never pulled completely out of her sheath. Over and again he moved, angling himself so that he hit her sensitive spot and sent shards of pleasure down her spine. "Yes, just like that, baby. You feel so good."

Rye, Lacey groaned, almost coming to pieces right then. She hadnt known it was possible, but Rye was owning her as much with his words as with his hard length buried to the hilt inside of her. And the ever increasing look of agony on his face wasn't helping her situation. He held her eyes so she could see everything he was feeling, multiplying her own pleasure.

Thats it baby. Look at me, feel me about to explode. Know its you making me feel so damn good, Rye whispered in the same choked rhythm that he swiveled his hips inside of her.

Lacey couldnt help it. The prickly sensation that started at her oversensitive clit branched to her every nerve ending. Her nose flared with the effort to get enough air and her lids refused to stay apart. Immediately Rye grasped her chin and directed her eyes back to him. "I know you're feeling it too. You're so wet. So hot."

Her eyes moved to close again after his sensual words.

No. Look at me and we will come together. Right now. Come hard Lacey, he demanded, his voice deep and gravelly.

She tried to scream but couldnt make a sound. She could only feel. Feel the tremendous physical ecstasy of an earth-shattering climax. Feel the overwhelming sensation of him seeping into her soul, taking her over. The feeling was so intense that tears ran from her troubled brown eyes as she lost herself in the deep blue sea of his. Sinking.