Sunday, June 1, 2014

From the Cutting Room Floor 2

At the McKay's home during the rainstorm:

While Jackson lit pillar candles, Rye shocked Lacey by scooping her onto his lap before leaning back against the sofa. At first she felt uncomfortable in such an intimate position in front of his family, but when no one else seemed to think much of it, she eventually relaxed and enjoyed being close to him. As they listened to Emily Ann and Jackson share stories about their courtship, Rye commenced to putting Lacey in a tortuous state of arousal. As his parents talked, he ran his knuckles up and down her arm with one hand and worked his thumb in the center of her back with the other. Periodically, he nipped at her neck or shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. To make matters worse, he arched his heavy, throbbing manhood against her behind and let her feel what touching her did to him. Finally when panties were so damp she felt in need of an underwear change, she grabbed his muscled thigh and with pleading eyes, begged him to stop .

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